Media - Take Action

Media representatives and journalists can engage with the UPR at any point of the process by  conducting activities aimed at both raising awareness and supporting the implementation and monitoring of recommendations. 


“Thank you so much for the brilliant and timely presentations… My colleagues have learnt something new and we expect to see an improvement in UPR coverage in Global South. Thank you for creating space for us.”

Albert Sharra, Journalist & Researcher, Malawi. 

Mic journalist

If you are a journalist and you are asking yourself how can you contribute to the UPR in  your country, here is what you can do:

  • Monitor and report periodically on the level of implementation of UPR recommendations to hold your State accountable. To this end, you can publish articles, organise talk shows, radio coverages, TV programmes, and more to ensure targeted outreach.

  • Disseminate to the broader public the national report and UPR reports submitted by other stakeholders. All these reports are published online six weeks before the review of your country on UPR Info’s country-specific pages and OHCHR's website. 
  • Publish the UPR review and adoption of your country. You can follow the webcast live through the UNWebTV or watch the recordings that are made available 24h later.  

  • Participate in/organise press conferences on the UPR and human rights both at the international level (Geneva) and national level.

  • Diffuse the content of UPR recommendations received by your country in an “easy-to-understand” language.